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SUMMIT Chain Bed for Sharp Top Chain

A new concept for an accurate replaceable Chain Bed for Summit® Sharp Top Chain.

The Chain Bed reduces chain lubricant requirements. It requires approximately one quarter of the oil being used by most of the current systems.

The bed insures precision guiding of the chain with accurately machined, taller chain guides. It comes complete with a steel base that mounts to the existing machine.

Spacers are used under the bolts to hold the teeth in place and to avoid distorting the plastic.

A special locking mechanism holds the replaceable chain bed to the steel base.

Sprocket cleaning teeth are attached to the chain bed.


  • Available in either Tivar 88 or Endura high density plastic.
  • Light weight for ease of replacement by a single maintenance person.
  • Adapts to any existing machine using sharp top chains from single strand to any number of multiple strand chain.


  • Accurately machined sprockets with mud grooves.
  • Proper alignment of sprockets and chain bed with machine flow.

Installation Alignment Jigs and Chain Riveting Tools Are Also Available

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