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Chill and Chill-V Brochure (pdf)

Original CHILL and CHILL-V

Original CHILL and CHILL-V are proven, highly successful air line anti-freeze products from Lacey-Harmer

Original CHILL
Original CHILL is formulated with a proprietary blend of ingredients to protect and condition intermediate systems, such as Tanner Tanks®.

CHILL-V is specifically formulated to condition and operate in electric vaporizer systems such as Frosto®.

Both CHILL and CHILL-V use a methanol based alcohol as the primary carrier and moisture absorber. Both of these products were developed to closely match the original equipment manufacturer's specifications, while offering bottom-line savings.

Cost Effective Air System Conditioner
For your battle against air line freeze-ups, these products are your best time proven, cost effective solutions.

Successfully used for two decades throughout North America.


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