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Maxi-Lube Bearing Lubrication Brochure (pdf)
Maxi-Lube Brochure (pdf)
MAX-3 Super Saw Lubricant and MAX-EDGE Premium Saw Lubricant

HSC-46 High-Speed Chain Lubricant


MAXI-LUBE - maximize your profits with environmentally sound multi-point lubrication system.

Advantages of MAXI-LUBE are:

  • Independent adjustment of air & oil flows to lube points
  • Non-toxic, environmentally sound
  • Easy expandability, modular design
  • Optional tank heater & low level switch
  • 1 or 5 gallon reservoir capacity
  • Reduced fire hazard
  • Simple to operate
  • High efficiency
  • Heavy duty construction

MAXI-LUBE Systems feature precise control of both the lubricant and the cooling air flow. MAXI-LUBE SYSTEMS use a coaxial delivery system that keeps the lubricant and the cooling air separate right up to the point that they exit the nozzle. The lubricant travels from the metering pump output through a 1/8" capillary tube, which is inserted into the center of a larger air transport tube via an exclusive MAXI-LUBE tube interface valve. The oil tube runs coaxially with the air tube right up to the nozzle tip, assuring accurate oil and air mixtures and minimizing oil atomization.

Both the oil and the air are completely adjustable. The lubricant output is adjustable from zero to a maximum of 32 ounces of lubricant in an 8 hour period, and the flow can be adjusted by changing the volumetric output of the pump or by changing the frequency at which the pump cycles. Air flow is regulated by the needle valve on the MAXI-LUBE tube interface valve.

MAXI-LUBE Systems are available variety of output mounting formats.

A. Individual Outputs - With this option you have complete individual mounting and control of each output. You can choose either permanent mounts or magnetic mounts for each output.

B. Combined Outputs - This option is an exclusive with MAXI-LUBE Systems. Here you can have up to three (3) outputs coming out of one (1) mount. Only one hose connects back to the MAXI-LUBE pump unit. The oil volume at each output is completely adjustable. One air adjustment is common to all outputs. This mounting method is the cleanest and easiest to install.

C. Band Saw Mount - With this output, you have complete bandmill lubrication. Our unique bandsaw nozzle mount allows you to lubricate two points inside and one point on the outside of the blade. Plus a fourth nozzle lubricates the bottom wheel to eliminate pitch build-up.

MAX-3 Super Saw Lubricant and MAX-EDGE Premium Saw Lubricant

Are proprietary blends of highly refined organic ingredients, of which Canola is a part. Canola is used as one of the base carrier units in the formula. Its primary function is to offer stabile viscosity over a broad temperature range, while remaining a lubric, environmentally safe, biodegradable component. Beyond this, oleaginous agents are added to further increase lubricity and cutting efficiency, while other ingredients greatly enhance and strengthen pitch cutting and saw cleaning characteristics.

The combination of formulated elements in MAXI-LUBE Lubricants make them the finest environmentally safe, biodegradable saw lubricants on the market.

MAX-3 Super Saw Lubricant has been formulated for use on circular and band saws; whereas MAX-EDGE Premium Saw Lubricant is formulated for use in thin kerf guided edgers and gangs.

HSC-46 High-Speed Chain Lubricant

Formulated specifically for high-speed chain and chain bed applications such as edger and optimizer infeeds, HSC-46 is a high quality lubricant that works equally well on any chain. State-of-the-art technology is utilized to produce a superior yet economical product designed to extend the life of your chain when properly applied. HSC-46, an ISO 46 based product, includes extreme-pressure, anti-wear, anti-oxidation, fast wicking and penetrating properties. It is engineered to flush and lubricate while assisting in heat dissipation from friction created by the application. HSC-46 is the only product recommended for use on SUMMIT® Sharp Top Chain®.

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