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Sense-A-Cut Brochure (pdf)
Sense-A-Cut III Full Booklet (pdf)

Sense-A-Cut Saw Deviation Monitoring System

This cost effective technology monitors bandsaw deviation. Sense-A-Cut provides real time feedback to consistently achieve size control, maximize productivity and reduce unscheduled saw changes. Using high precision analog proximity sensors measuring saw deflection every 10 milliseconds, sawmill personnel can set three warning thresholds and error limits, for positive and negative deflection, in 0.001 inch increments. Responding to these warnings and error limits, the sawyer can adjust feed-speed to maintain an optimum combination of throughput and accuracy.

The Sense-A-Cut system provides the sawyer with a visual display that instantly shows the deviation of each bandsaw. A single green light indicates minimal saw deviation. Three yellow warning lights to the left and right of the green indicator illuminate sequentially as the saw deviation increases. This allows the sawyer to adjust the feed-speed to keep the deviation within the normal range. The red error indicators illuminate when the saw deviation is out of tolerance.

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The Sense-A-Cut II adds the analytical ability of a computer to determine important trends. The system can be fitted with optional automated feed-speed control which increases or reduces feed speeds according to the warning/error limits set by mill personnel.


Voltage 110/220 Volts
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power 600 watts
Alarm limits 8 per bandsaw
Alarm resolution 0.001 inch
Sampling rate 0.010 second (100 Hz)
Alarm range +/- 0.100 inches (sensor mounted 0.300" from saw)
Inputs 1 to 4 sensors
Output sawyer display panel, speed control, alarms

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