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SUMMIT Innovator Sprockets

SUMMIT Innovator Sprockets are a TIME and MONEY SAVING Sprocket system.

The cast alloy steel sprocket rim is quenched and tempered to provide a uniform hardness through the entire tooth providing longer life to the teeth. The rims are hardened to 300-350 BHN. For applications that experience extreme wear due to gritty material, the rims can be further heat treated through induction hardening to provide a surface hardness of 52Rc or they can be quenched and tempered to bring the hardness up to over 400 BHN. Complete INNOVATOR sprocket units can be installed in minutes using only 2 wrenches. After the initial installation, future change outs only require a new rim. The hub stays in place. The slot adjustment feature allows boards to be kept in line across a wide deck that utilizes several strands of chain. The rims are adjustable by loosening only 4 bolts and then tightening them after the adjustment has been made.

SUMMIT Innovator Sprocket Features:

  • Split hub
  • Adjustable rim
  • Cast mild steel hub
  • Split bolt on rim
  • Solid hubs also available
SUMMIT Innovator Sprocket Benefits:


  • Easy installation on shaft, no heat required
  • If required, mild steel hub can be welded
  • Positive grip on shaft
  • Hubs are re-useable
  • Easy replacement when worn
  • Thorough hardened alloy steel to extend the life of the sprocket teeth
  • Adjustments slots for timing of attachments across the conveying deck
  • The complete unit can be reversed easily to allow the opposite tooth face to be utilized.
  • Parts can replaced without removing shafts from the bearings

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